Anatomy of Sound is ONLINE
But Breathing Stays the Same
Welcome to Anatomy of Sound 2020!

And welcome to your four stress-free days of non-competitive flute playing and introspection. I am honored to teach alongside Dr. David Brown. David is a flutist and Associate Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. He will guide us to understanding what we’re doing as woodwind players and what it actually looks like when we’re doing it.

Flutist and Certified Yoga Instructor Laura Dwyer is back with us again to work on manifesting our power through yoga while continuing the spirit of the teachings by our AOS teacher emeritus Jerald Schwiebert through his book, “Physical Expression and the Performing Artist.”

I have invited my colleague from Eastman School, Bonita Boyd to join us this year since she has inspired so any for such a long period of time. Her wisdom will shine through her speaking to the students who have entered videos as performers.

A published, award-winning author/editor, and former President of the National Association for Music Education, Dr. Shuler, will lecture on "Positive Change through 8 Liberating Habits." As Amy Porter's first band director in Delaware, this session elicits reflection and provides a bit of inspiration through provocative questions and ideas based on his career of teaching and leadership, which has spanned Grades 3 through postgraduate teaching in seven states and almost every specialty area of music education.

I have invited Adam Workman to showcase his presentation made for us called “Anatomy of A Match”, a guide to service people who need answers to “What, Why and How” about their flute. I’m so happy to say we will now be incorporating Adam and his work permanently into our curriculum.

Aiven O’Leary from my flutemaker Wm. S.Haynes Co. will again show us how to make a headjoint and Sarah Hollandsworth from our local Detroit Flute World will discuss how to consider your career options as a flute player.

Many thanks to an alum of my studio and this class and my eternal friend, Brian Dunbar, for taking on the daily operations of this class for us and for talking everything through with me when everything hit the fan. We moved flexibly and effortlessly into the next phase of the class’s creativity.

Much appreciation goes to the support staff at the Office of Youth and Adult Programs overseen by Garrett Lefkowitz for following our lead. Brandon Monzon in Communications, I am indebted to your visual artistry and media prowess.

Laura, David, Bonita, Erika, Brian and I are so thankful you are participating in my 18th Anatomy of Sound Workshop. You can learn to prevent pain, delve deep into your own presence and unlock your artistic potential. Drink lots of water, hydrate, and keep moving as you watch these lessons online. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience. It’s truly, my favorite time of year. Nothing will change that.


Amy Porter
Posted: May 31st, 2020