Continuing Education
1. Marcel Tabuteau’s lessons and the lessons in phrasing
a. 3 basic ways of phrasing (upward intervals, downward intervals and 1/2 and whole steps)
b. the number system of tone colors
c. Inflections of ups and down

2. Beginning and ending pieces as part of your musical expression
a. Breathing in character
b. creating the mood of the piece before you play it
c. cueing the cutoff
d. punctuating the silence in some way after the last note has sounded

3. Auditioning with confidence
a. use Key words in your music
b. keep your mind on the job at hand, focusing on the phrase you are playing
c. Be in the driver’s seat! and how to get back in it.

4. Intonation
a. How to anticipate pitch (3 places in the body)
b. your personal pitch tendencies (crescendos, diminuendos, left hand notes)
c. How to listen and adjust pitch quickly without moving the head (3 ways in the mouth and lips)

5. Musical structure
a. How to find the skeleton of the phrase and add the notes around it as well as finding the bigger phrase
b. How voices relate to one another, especially in Baroque music (melody, vs. counter-melody, Fl. 1 vs. Fl 2, shadow vs light)
c. Knowing the accompaniment and the composer’s harmonic intentions and anticipating them in color (major vs minor).

6. Technical troubles
a. Isolate the intervals vs the scales
b. do double dotted both ways and ADD triplets
c. do extended scales in the difficult key area up to high D

7. Tone Trouble
a. How to address tone before it hits the lip plate
b. Adjusting Headjoint and footjoint position
c. warming up and being able to < > and hold the thread.
d. Harmonic exercises

8. Register changes
a. Lip differences from high register and low register
b. Quality of air stream in each register and its width
c. The lips as your bow

9. General performance advice
a. watching the conductor, keeping the head up and the stand down, using the eyes
b. listening in an ensemble
c. applying lessons

10. Troubleshooting
a. Learn to sing/solfege
b. Learn to conduct
c. Learn to play piano
Posted: November 27th, 2018