Please treat your lessons with respect and seriousness, both for you and your teacher. This seriousness should reflect why you are there, whether as a performance major, minor or in music education or in high school. This means dressing appropriately for lessons, studio class, recitals and concerts; in a way that shows your level of respect to your art, and the level of importance that you give it. In all these scenarios, please behave in the utmost professional manner, one that reflects the manner in which you are trained by your teacher.

I would also hope that this professional manner will be inherent in your relationships with your colleagues in the Schools of Music and ensembles you attend as well. Always attend your colleagues’ concerts, support their playing in studio and masterclasses and invite new students into the group. Pettiness and tension in any studio or masterclass cannot be tolerated. The flute world is too small to gain a big reputation.

A life inside a studio like this is a reflection of your future life out in the musical world. Embrace your coaches and your professors with the knowledge that each one cares and has a lot to offer you. Congratulations on simply being there.

I will try to be as understanding as I can about the heavy academic work load out there, but I will never curb my enthusiasm for passing along a tradition of flute playing that is so very rewarding. It is a way of teaching that is loaded with basic skills and renewed discipline on a daily basis.

On a final note, every school of music is what you make of it. You set your own standards and level of playing. Try not to overload. Be mindful of your stress level and your years will be fruitful. Be respectful of yourself!

With all my respect and best wishes,
Posted: November 27th, 2018