Exercises and Advice
Dave Schall’s advice on making a good audition recording.
by Dave Schall

1. This is the big one….and it should be in place as a regular practice for all of y ... [Read More...]
Posted: December 3rd, 2018
Welcome to the classroom of a flutist, something that, if described by my some of my students, could be similar to basic training for the US Army. Recently, a doctor ... [Read More...]
Posted: November 27th, 2018
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It’s not my word for it. On the way out of the concert at my workshop at the University of Michigan, an audience member told me she was calling it a “Flute Music ... [Read More...]
Posted: July 16th, 2018
It’s not every day, every year, or every decade that I get the opportunity and ability to perform the Complete Sonatas for Flute by J. S. Bach with harpsichord and ... [Read More...]
Posted: December 24th, 2017
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How did you choose the flute?
I grew up playing piano because my father was a part-time piano teacher. I was nine years old and my father suggested I look into anot ... [Read More...]
Posted: November 27th, 2018
How did it come about that you began to study flute?

I sang before I spoke, so they all say! Then, I played the piano. My father was an amateur pianist, and worke ... [Read More...]
Posted: November 27th, 2018
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